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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Group Five says Allan Gray wants breakup, return of ex-CEO Mike Upton

Group Five said its largest shareholder, Allan Gray, has nominated former Chief Executive Officer Mike Upton to the board as a non-executive director.

Richard Calland: Zuma running out of lives as time runs out, scandals mount

Like the proverbial cat with nine lives, South Africa's scandal-ridden president, Jacob Zuma, may well have escaped yet again with his political life.

Ed Herbst: ANC misrule – red flags signal slo-mo implosion

Witnessed from the perspective of a lifetime of covering local politics and its dramas, Herbst describes the downhill progression as a 'slo-mo implosion'.

Parliament: Zuma stands up to ConCourt Ruling, but there are more questions than answers

President Jacob Zuma effectively gave Speaker Baleka Mbete her marching orders against a secret ballot in the pending motion of no confidence. Pointing out during his Thursday Q&A in the House that the Constitutional Court earlier ruled the decision on a secret ballot was the Speaker’s, Zuma said he didn’t think the next no confidence motion in him should be dealt with any differently to previous ones, held by open vote. And Zuma argued he could not step down as the ANC has not asked him to do so. Finish and klaar. By MARIANNE MERTEN.

Scorpio and amaBhungane #GuptaLeaks: Direct evidence Gupta henchmen prepared fake race-baiting tweets

Scorpio has previously exposed how the Guptas and their British PR firm Bell Pottinger make use of fake social media profiles to disseminate a counter-narrative of “white monopoly capital” in order to defend their operations in South Africa. For those yet to be convinced, there is direct evidence from the #GuptaLeaks emails of one of the family’s lieutenants composing tweets for broadcast by fabricated Twitter accounts. By AMABHUNGANE and SCORPIO.

Secret ballot for What? Why Zuma can still laugh it off

Thursday, 22 June, 2017: A spectacular moment in time that brought together the three arms of the South African government in a triumph of constitutionalism and a sham of political accountability. While the Constitutional Court again shone as the nation’s true north, President Jacob Zuma used the platform of Parliament to display his invincibility. “Sit in peace,” Zuma told the opposition on the same day the Chief Justice eloquently spelt out the constitutional obligations on the president, the Speaker and MPs. The ANC’s reaction to the judgment is indicative of why Zuma remains indomitable. By RANJENI MUNUSAMY.

Clearing out the Zuptas: Lynne Brown unveils new Eskom interim board

Minister Lynne Brown has unveiled an interim Eskom board, which has the uphill challenge of steering the state-owned power utility out of its quagmire.

Ace prosecutor Gerrie Nel: Four things SA needs right now to fight corruption

Four things are needed to fight corruption, namely a strong political will; a free judiciary; a free press and an independent and active civil society.

Venezuela offers SA a dire lesson in socialism at all costs

Unless we change those at the helm of our country and tighten up our Constitution, the current policy direction is headed in the direction of Venezuela.

SCORPIO: In the non-surprise of the year, WMCLEAKS.com smear campaign tracked to a Gupta...

With the costly, UK-based PR spin doctors Bell Pottinger paid-up and shipped out, South Africa’s First Family, the Guptas, scrambled to find a replacement spin machine after damning revelations of their involvement in the capture of ministers and government officials, gleaned from #GuptaLeaks, began to be made public last month. Soon afterwards, several websites and Twitter accounts relating to “White Monopoly Capital” were launched and used to attack some of the Guptas' biggest opponents. Scorpio has identified one man associated with this fake news – former Gupta-owned Sahara Computers employee Saurabh Aggarwal. By SCORPIO.
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