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Learners from DSG and SACS in Grahamstown engage with the community on a regular basis.

Grade 10 pupils from DSG and SACS isiXhosa translation at Nombulelo

The Grade 10 isiXhosa (set 1) FAL class went to Nombulelo High School on May 30 to assist the Grahamstown Music Society with an outreach programme.

The Grade 10s translated and then introduced each item of music performed by the pianists from Pretoria. The girls, who were competent and confident in their presentation to an isiXhosa-speaking audience, are to be commended for their efforts.

Word Works Programme

Grace Christie from DSG during the Word Works programme. Image: Supplied

On Mondays (under Lisa Huber) and Wednesdays (under Julie Jevon), some DSG girls go to St Mary’s Day Care Centre where they are involved in the Word Works programme. Vera Skae has trained them in the literacy and numeracy skills they use and supervises them each week.

Last Wednesday, the following girls were involved with teaching the children: Irene Tembo; Caroline Cotton; Mbasa Magawaxaza; Olivia Wright; Grace Christie; Megan Macgregor; Julie Brotherton; Nicky Ralston; Alexa Gutshe; Zethu Mpahla and Julie Jevon.


Engaging with the Community

Playing for Purpose

Last year St Andrew’s College hosted a residential project in Bathurst. This is one of the requirements for the Gold Level of President’s Award. The last two days of the residential were spent refurbishing Sinakho Day Care Canter in the Bathurst Township which is owned and run by an incredibly loving and generous woman, affectionately known as Ma Bessie. This project took place in collaboration with the Tiger Titans Cricket Club, founded by OA Ross McCreath.

A few weeks ago Ross’s sister, Brittany McCreath (DSG Old Girl) invited the DSG President’s Award participants to join in in an intervention which she initiated as part of her Health Psychology course at UCT. The idea was to make playdough sets which would be donated to Sinakho allowing the children further access to improved early childhood development outcomes, improved school readiness, opportunities for play and imagination exploration and improved stress and anxiety relief, all through the use of regular play with the sets.

Four President’s Award participants spent a Sunday afternoon making the playdough sets which were then donated to Sinakho Day Care Centre. The photos of the children playing with the new sets speak for themselves. We look forward to another visit to Bathurst and will definitely join in the fun at Sinakho.

Environmental Week – Save H2O

Matthew Weaver is seen with Jacques Pienaar who runs the environmental portfolio at College, Alan Thompson, the Headmaster and Andrew van Vuuren, environmental portfolio prefect. Image: Provided

This is Environmental Week and to focus on the importance of the environment, Matthew Weaver (who is reading for a PhD in Water Resource Science at Rhodes University) was the guest speaker at the St Andrew’s College Assembly this week.

As a key role player in developing management systems for the water structures in Grahamstown, he explained how important it was to save water. A few tips mentioned were not to bath but rather take short showers and turn taps off while brushing teeth.

Readers are Leaders

As part of the Monday community engagement programme, 20 Grade 6 and 7 pupils from Good Shepherd come to St Andrew’s to make use of the Readers are Leaders reading programme.

The programme enables each learner to develop vocabulary and comprehension skills at a pace tailored to their own learning. The use of a calibration exercise makes sure that each pupil is developed individually from their current reading level and then extended.

This programme is being facilitated by Erika Esterhuizen.

Review Parade at St Andrew’s College

Last weekend the reunion attendees of DSG and St Andrew’s College were treated to a Review Parade by the cadet corps and College pipe band on Lower field. Major Walter Currie (OA 1978) was presented with a College kilt in recognition of his contribution to the College cadet corps over the last 12 years.

Walter Currie - SACS
Major Walter Currie (OA 1978) was presented with a College kilt in recognition of his contribution to the College cadet corps over the past 12 years. Image: Provided

Leadership Development Programme

The Leading Edge Programme was established last year to formalise the teaching of leadership at St Andrew’s College and to drive it to a new level within a mentoring paradigm. There is no doubt that College has over the past 160 years, developed a curriculum which exposes their boys to numerous styles of leadership and opportunities to learn to lead. However, it was realised that the college’s leadership curriculum needed to keep pace with the ever-shifting social landscape that the boys will be forced to engage with once they leave school.

SACS staff members were awarded certificates following their participation in the Leading Edge Programme as well as Alan Thompson, Headmaster, Prof Noel Pearse and Kevin Rafferty from the Rhodes Business School. Image: Provided

With this in mind, the college entered into a relationship with the Rhodes Business School in which 19 staff members from St Andrew’s College participated in a Leadership Development Programme presented by Prof Owen Skae, Prof Noel Pearse and Mr Kevin Rafferty. A series of lectures and workshops were specifically designed with the aim of developing leadership within the staff: teachers, housemasters, tutors and coaches through various programmes, events and structures and to provide leadership systems for the pupils of St Andrew’s College. The programme will be integrated into the school via the prefect system, pastoral care and other leadership positions aimed at encouraging leadership for the boys by the boys. Once systems are implemented the leadership team will monitor and evaluate the development of the programme at College.

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