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Stenden South Africa has taken the second spot in the 2017 EuroChrie Challenge which was won by the team from the Budapest Business School.

The Stenden team consisted of Tavimbanashe Zisengwe, Shannon Stap, Natasha Calvert and Siviwe de Beer. Their instructor was Clare du Plessis.

“The EuroCHRIE Challenge 2017 was a wonderful experience for us at Stenden South Africa. As a team we were very excited to hear that we would be taking part in the competition this year, it was an honour.

The Challenge taught all of us many lessons that will be valuable for the rest of our career in the hospitality industry. We learned that time management and the timely making of decisions is a very important part of running a hotel or any establishment for that matter. We also found that doing the course in hotel business acumen was very valuable to us, for the game as well as in the long run.

As a team, we learned a great deal about each other as individuals, as well as how differently people can think about one situation. In the beginning, we were in rather unknown waters, having never played the game before and having to get used to working as a team. However, all this provided us with a wonderful learning opportunity for which we are very grateful,” Du Plessis said.

The 3rd Annual EuroCHRIE University Challenge, which began in late February, came to an exciting finish on March 31 with the team from the Budapest Business School being declared as the winners while the second position went to Stenden University (South Africa).

This was a very dynamic competition with each team using slightly different strategies to move their hotel forward in the competitive set.

Three of last year’s participants again entered for the 2017 challenge. They were from the Budapest Business School (Hungary), the University of South Carolina (USA), and Stenden University (South Africa). They were joined by teams from three new schools: Stenden University (The Netherlands), The University of Houston (USA), and The Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland).

EuroCHRIE is the official Federation for Europe, the Mediterranean Basin and Africa of International CHRIE, the leading international organisation that supports education and training for the world’s largest industry and represents 185 members. Their aim is to bring educators from hospitality and tourism management schools and universities together into a global network and in close co-operation with industry representatives. In this manner, both education and industry combine their efforts to shape the future of hospitality and tourism.

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